Castello di PoppiPhoto by: M. Agati

Poppi POPPI 1904

...and two eccentric ‘expats’

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Padule di FucecchioPhoto by: Silvio Cavini-Benedetti

Fucecchio Reflections of the via Francigena in the water

Discovering one of Italy’s most beautiful wetlands, at the intersection of centuries-old roads

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Firenzuola The land in between

Known as Terra di Mezzo (the land in between), Firenzuola has been a stopover for travellers transiting between Florence and Bologna for centuries.

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Villa Bella Vista

Buggiano Between secret gardens and heritage in plain sight

Discover secret gardens and a sumptuous villa

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giannellaPhoto by: Hari Seldon

Orbetello A childhood on the seashore never gets forgotten

Three memories of the Giannella beach ~ by Federico di Vita

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Pianosa, Napoleonic marina

Campo nell'Elba Pertini in Pianosa

The President-Partisan, Fascist prison guards, an unexpected pardon and a letter to a mother

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