Borgo a Mozzano, Ponte della MaddalenaPhoto by: Harley

Borgo a Mozzano The master builder and the mystery wayfarer

Or, how the Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo) was built in a night ~ by Vero Almont

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Piazza AranciPhoto by: Comune di Massa

Massa Giacomo and Giosuè, a square, the oranges and the lions

When a cold Leopardi dreamt of a sojourn without a mantle, set in the orange-scented air of Massa

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Santa Luce

Santa Luce Among alabaster and the Holy Grail

Journey to a land rich in stories, dedicated to hospitality and ready for meditation

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Madonna with Child and Saints, “Baccio” Ciarpi, Fivizzano

Fivizzano The “talking” painting

Stories, street legends and wayfarers’ tales, illustrated in an artwork by Baccio Ciarpi

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Villa Basilica

Villa Basilica From swords to paper

A territory tied to its cultural and technological development... from swords to paper

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Pitigliano Photo by: Waugsberg

Pitigliano Magic and beauty in the Etruscan lands

A tufa town and a “Little Jerusalem”, evidence of great history in a wonderful place

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