FarroPhoto by: Böhringer Friedrich

Castiglione di Garfagnana What do you know about hulled wheat fields?

A history of the grain that unites Garfagnana

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Foiano della ChianaPhoto by: LigaDue

Foiano della Chiana A Jewel of the Etruscan Order

All made more precious by the work of the Della Robbia

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Circuit of walls, CampagnaticoPhoto by: Mongolo1984

Campagnatico A glimpse between the sea and the mountains

A distinctive medieval town, created by the Aldobrandeschi family

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Fabbriche di Vergemoli

Fabbriche di Vergemoli Two magical trails in the Valle del Profondo Verde

Two magical trails between Eros, Thanatos and folklore to find eternal love and the legendary Volaschioite, accompanied by myths and spirituality

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Piazza AranciPhoto by: Comune di Massa

Massa Giacomo and Giosuè, a square, the oranges and the lions

When a cold Leopardi dreamt of a sojourn without a mantle, set in the orange-scented air of Massa

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SubbianoPhoto by: LIìigaDue

Subbiano Between the banks of the Arno and the Casentino

Castles, legends and a rich history

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