Suvereto From the dream of a wandering knight, a town is born

Wine, oil, ancient grains: smells and tastes of a past whose roots are weaved through history

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Montopoli - Battaglia di San Romano

Montopoli in Val d'Arno A day with Paolo Ciampini

Defined by Boccaccio as "Castello Insigne", Montopoli counts among its residents one of the greatest etchers in the world

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Montecatini Terme Tettuccio

Montecatini Terme A kind of suspended wonder

From the Grand Duke Leopold to Miro, Giuseppe Verdi and Sirio Maccioni: traces of history and the future in Montecatini Terme

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Palazzo d'Arnolfo, San Giovanni Valdarno

San Giovanni Valdarno The midfielder's secret

Returning to San Giovanni Valdarno and reminders of Masolino, Andreotti and Ciccio Baiano ~ by Gabriele Merlini

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Village of SambucaPhoto by: Daniela Niccolai

Sambuca Pistoiese “I dream of the steady, unrelenting sound of the Limentra”

A land of borders, of woods, forests and rivers, of stones and trails that tell an ancient story revealed only by walking

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CarraraPhoto by: Michele Ambrogi

Carrara Where marble comes to life

From Michelangelo to Contemporary Art: History, Environment and Traditions of a Millenary Culture

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