Calci, Sant'Agostino di NicosiaPhoto by: Stefano Puzzuoli

Calci The disappearing traces

Condemned for all eternity ~ by Martina Pizzi

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Piazza Farinata degli UbertiPhoto by: Comune di Empoli

Empoli Stories of love, musicians, painters and glassmakers

"O, study with dedication and be men or take flight in Empoli for Corpus Domini"

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FosdinovoPhoto by: Greta Ferrari

Fosdinovo Four seasons and a revolution

Discovering Fosdinovo through castles, legends, ghosts and an untamed, irreverent spirit

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San Vincenzo, Il Marinaio

San Vincenzo The Sailor’s Story

Standing 7 metres tall, “The Sailor” is a bronze sculpture that overlooks the sea from the San Vincenzo harbour ~ by Giampaolo Talani

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Buti The valley where you live well

One-of-a-kind oil, tradition, culture, good food and festivals. Anyone who visits, falls in love ~ by Enrico Pelosini

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Calcinaia The land of ancient crafts

A journey along the banks of the Arno, through the land of sunsets

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