Castel del Piano e la Montagna MagicaPhoto by: Daniele Badini Photo

Castel del Piano A town, a volcano, local wisdom and lore

A town touched by the cool mountain breeze and the warming sensation of the sea

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Villa Cafaggiolo

Barberino di Mugello Barberino, the beautiful Mugello gateway

Walking on the shores of Lake Bilancino and the surprising trails into the Mugello

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LuccaPhoto by: Giovanni Nannini

Lucca The city of mysteries

From the Sacred to the Profane

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Anghiari And the streets of the Renaissance

Anghiari’s streets make up a labyrinth that takes you through history: like lines that give shape to the Renaissance

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Pieve Santo Stefano

Pieve Santo Stefano A town erased in search of its memory

The rebirth of a town destroyed by German mines in 1944, which rises like the phoenix from the rubble of war

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Marciana, Isola d'Elba

Marciana Everything is possible: word of an Emperor

A journey into the past among the cliffs and stones of Marciana ~ by Silvio Ciappi

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