San Giuliano TermePhoto by: ElviraMerca

San Giuliano Terme The historic thermal baths

One of the first holiday destinations favoured by kings and leaders

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FosdinovoPhoto by: Greta Ferrari

Fosdinovo Four seasons and a revolution

Discovering Fosdinovo through castles, legends, ghosts and an untamed, irreverent spirit

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Mura di BuonconventoPhoto by: Mita Feri

Buonconvento A hospitable land with a taste of memory

“After passing Siena and having crossed the ponte d’Arbia, I find her, a land of light that remains close to me ...” (M. Luzi) ~ by Mita Feri

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Pania della Croce, MolazzanaPhoto by: Luana Spagnoli

Molazzana The Queen Peak

The Versilia might only be a stone’s throw away, but here it’s all about breathing in the presence of this mountain and her legendary stories

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Torrita di Siena

Torrita di Siena The taste of history and legend

Next to the fire, storytelling reverberates on the flames in an infinite array of reflections and is highlighted in the amber drops of Vin Santo

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PontremoliPhoto by: Paolo Sarteschi

Pontremoli The soul’s walkway

The emotions and thoughts of a pilgrim journeying along the via Francigena, from Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli

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