VernioPhoto by: Le foto di Max

Vernio Among the blessed and the demons

The legends and stories that run with the River Bisenzio

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A view of BargaPhoto by: Graeme Maclean

Barga Fish&Chips

A journey through memories of Italy’s most Scottish city ~ Vero Almont

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Tower of Marciana MarinaPhoto by: mariejirousek

Marciana Marina The beauty of the seafront… from tower to tower

Discovering Elba’s “Little Marseille” through the eyes of an architect ~ Prof. Giuseppe Centauro 

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Vinci The origin of genius

The land where the present already has a future. Forever.

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San Casciano dei Bagni The divine spark

...that yields to the force of the immense ~ by Margaret Mazzantini

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Larciano Worth a good 10000 gold florins

Breathtaking views from a privileged standpoint

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