The Apuan Alps at sunset

Stazzema Among unique mountains

Paradise for climbers, enjoyed by all: the Apuan Alps are a kaleidoscope of ever new environments, always surprising

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Coreglia Antelminelli

Coreglia Antelminelli Homeland of the figurine maker

Travelling the world in search of riches

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Prato Connected by a “Cintola”

Bernardo Daddi’s “Assumption” and the identity of a city

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pallerone_bellaPhoto by: Elisa Orlando

Aulla The mechanical nativity set

History, secrets and “miracles” behind one of the oldest animated depictions of Christ’s birth

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GavorranoPhoto by: Lorenzo Biagini

Gavorrano Among the ruins of the castle where Pia de’ Tolomei despaired

The story of the noblewoman from Siena killed by her husband still resonates today

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Massa e Cozzile

Massa e Cozzile The Oil landscape: strolling through two towns

10 things to see at nightfall

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