Pieve a Nievole

Pieve a Nievole A land of bats and noble inhabitants

Amid the scent of nature and picturesque views, hear shrill calls in the distance

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Bucine, Valdambra

Bucine A welcoming land of magic and history

Into the heart of Tuscany to discover the Valdambra

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Villa Caruso BellosguardoPhoto by: Comune di Lastra a Signa

Lastra a Signa A voice more beautiful than silence

Marvels in Bellosguardo ⁓ by Cesare Baccetti

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Murlo The Etruscan infinite

Everything changes; everything remains the same

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Cortona, Piazza Garibaldi

Cortona Everlasting beauty

Etruscans, the Laudario codex, Saint Francis, art: from its tiniest assets to its infinitely grand ones, this city gives off light and enchantment

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Balze Valdarno, Castelfranco Piandiscò

Castelfranco Piandiscò Rhymes by an anonymous traveler

A magical land in the verses of an unknown poet

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