montalcino di sorpresaPhoto by: Alessandro Schwed

Montalcino A young lad of the land and stones

Vines round one’s neck and an oak belt at the waist ~ by Alessandro Schwed

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Gallicano, sfondo

Gallicano Monte Palodina, home to a thousand mysteries

Giant lizards, gnomes, pyramids and UFOs: trip to the Area 51 in Garfagnana

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ancellePhoto by: Piccardo

Monteriggioni Ava and her maidens

Today people in Montemaggio continue to pass down legends of the seven maidens of Countess Ava Zenovi dei Lombardi - by Roberta Burroni

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Monteverdi Marittimo

Monteverdi Marittimo Losing yourself among the monasteries and orchids

From the sun-kissed coast to the inland heat through Mediterranean woods

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Arezzo, Piazza GrandePhoto by: Rossella Capocasale

Arezzo The legend of the enamoured bandit

The story of Federigo Bobini, known as Gnicche the Arezzo Bandit ~ by Anna Martini

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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima A Masterpiece in the Tuscan Maremma

Journey to discover a unique square

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