Capanne, hamlet of Sillano GiuncugnanoPhoto by: LigaDue

Sillano Giuncugnano Among the Woods of the Garfagnana

A new municipality, but founded by a Roman consul

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Abbadia San Salvatore, cripta

Abbadia San Salvatore A history carved in stone

From the Amiatina Bible to the mercury mines on the trail of a destiny that’s always been tied to the mountain

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moonPhoto by: Joel Tonyan

Chianciano Terme Tin and Thalna, two Etruscan canopic jars

Follow the nymph in the town of healing waters

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Veduta del centro storico di MarlianaPhoto by: Mongolo1984

Marliana The Voice of the Mountain

Stories of love, life and church music

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Sull_argine di Campi BisenzioPhoto by: Sailko

Campi Bisenzio Stories of fortresses and castles

The ill-fated banquet that initiated the feud between the Guelph and the Ghibelline families

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Larciano Worth a good 10000 gold florins

Breathtaking views from a privileged standpoint

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