Chitignano Cigars and guns in the Casentino: a Tuscan take on the Far West

Few know that Tuscany is home to a town of smugglers to make El Paso shake in its boots

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Willard Metcalf, The AMICA Library, PelagoPhoto by: Willard Metcalf, The AMICA Library

Pelago More wine for all of us up here

A local loon, an odd correspondence and a few reflections on a magnificent but declining land ~ by Daniele Pasquini

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La Fortezza, Radicofani

Radicofani A journey through the clouds

The city as seen through the eyes of painter Matilde Luchini ~ by Fausto Cecconi

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Ferro e mare di CalamitaPhoto by: R. Ridi

Capoliveri Capoliveri Stories

Characters, places, and legends of today ~ by Angela Galli

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Massarosa, Giacomo Puccini

Massarosa Hanging out with Giacomo Puccini

Legends, tales and food to explore a land much loved by the Maestro ~ by Giuliano Pasini

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Castelfranco_di_sotto,_porta_san_piPhoto by: Sailko

Castelfranco di Sotto The town of good luck

Ancient walls and a nature reserve along the Via Francigena

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