Red marble and tango in the heart of Garfagnana

The village of Massa Sassorosso was the birthplace of Astor Piazzolla's grandmother

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Photo by: Willard Metcalf, The AMICA Library Pelago

More wine for all of us up here

A local loon, an odd correspondence and a few reflections on a magnificent but declining land ~ by Daniele Pasquini

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The city of good things

Bread, wine and oil along the Via dei Pellegrini

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The heart of Lucchesia

The land that won over barbarians and queens

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Photo by: M. Agati Poppi

POPPI 1904

...and two eccentric ‘expats’

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A Searching for a fiefdom... dreaming of becoming Pope

Cardinal Flavio Chigi speaks of San Quirico d’Orcia

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