Photo by: Marcello RistoriOrtignano Raggiolo

Of fairy tales and myths

Between streams, stone cottages and the scent of chestnuts ~ by Giovanni Guidelli

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Photo by: WaugsbergPitigliano

Magic and beauty in the Etruscan lands

A tufa town and a “Little Jerusalem”, evidence of great history in a wonderful place

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Photo by: stiftunggegenstandPienza

The ideal city

"Born from a loving thought and a dream of beauty"

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Medicean country in the Apennines

On a day like any other, June 28, 1569

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Photo by: CeaPietrasanta

Giulia and the giant, fat, talking frescoes

A little girl’s discovery of the Fernando Botero's shapes

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Photo by: Stefano CannasFirenze

The first

Agata Smeralda and the people who took her in when still in swaddling blankets - by Federico di Vita

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