Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere is a crowd (sourced) storytelling project aiming to showcase the region in a new, shared way, promoting one of our 273 municipalities each day, and promoting all of them for 365 days of the year. The idea is to offer these municipalities the chance to work together to write the pages of an incredible story: each one will contribute their own narrative, and they’ll all combine to illustrate the boundless beauty of Tuscany. Wherever you may walk, in every season of the year.

The project also aims to spotlight the region’s countless curiosities, and the unique and untold stories spread throughout all Tuscan towns. It’s an opportunity to showcase the very best that this “region of good living” has to offer, both to an international and a national audience. It will give readers the chance to look beyond the obvious and routine and to lose themselves in a journey bound by beauty.

All that’s left to do is flip through the pages of this story and let yourself be inspired:
Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere!