Sinalunga, La Battaglia di Valdichiana

Sinalunga The battle of Valdichiana 7 centuries later

An exciting journey in unique countryside among villages and castles surrounded by art history and gastronomy

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Arezzo, Piazza GrandePhoto by: Rossella Capocasale

Arezzo The legend of the enamoured bandit

The story of Federigo Bobini, known as Gnicche the Arezzo Bandit ~ by Anna Martini

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Villa Rospigliosi, Lamporecchio

Lamporecchio A charming testimony to local identity

From a special treat to the "Punto di Lamporecchio"

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Coreglia Antelminelli

Coreglia Antelminelli Homeland of the figurine maker

Travelling the world in search of riches

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L'arrivo all'Isola di CapraiaPhoto by: Fabio Guidi

Capraia Isola Capraia in a poem

A tribute to a rock amid the ocean ~ by Silvano Panichi

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GavorranoPhoto by: Lorenzo Biagini

Gavorrano Among the ruins of the castle where Pia de’ Tolomei despaired

The story of the noblewoman from Siena killed by her husband still resonates today

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