Chapter #1

The departure

He walks, quickly leaving behind the bastion of his Marti. Paolo must cross the opposite hill. To Montopoli, in a few hours, his exhibition will be inaugurated in the Museo Civico. The Boccaccio "Castello Insigne" has put ancient rivalries aside to celebrate a world-renowned etcher. Paolo is nervous, fame and fortune have never appealed to him. But this time, it’s the town that calls him, the torre di San Matteo that he never wanted to leave despite the siren calls from international art capitals. To welcome him are local politicians returning from the medieval banquet organized at the Orcio Interrato restaurant. Paolo preferred to nurse his anxiety; he could not eat. He opts for a short religious meditation in the santuario di San Romano. He is also discreet in choosing his route, preferring back roads. He finds himself alone under the Torre Giulia. It was here, in 1432, that the Battle of San Romano took placed, immortalised by Paolo Uccello himself in three very famous tables. Today, Paolo lives his own battle, one fought against fame. He relaxes by walking, but the door of the museum opens unexpectedly. He has arrived.

Chapter #2

The museum

Museo Civico Montopoli reperti archeologici
Museo Civico Montopoli

Everyone is waiting for him on the second floor but Paolo prefers to enjoy the artistic pottery of Milani and the discoveries of Isidoro Falchi. Then, in the basement, he passes the paleontological section with the whalebone at its centre. He climbs the stairs slightly breathless. Breaking into a run towards the section devoted to the Arts. The work of local artists such as post-Macchiaioli Silvio Bicchi and Menotti Pertici comfort him. A long applause draws him into the room dedicated to him. Somebody shakes his hand, others give him pats on the back. Paolo would like to turn around and head back. Enjoy the past and not to satisfy the appreciation for his etching. Only good manners keep him glued to his spot. He should unwind, relax. He sees his friend Fulvia behind the buffet counter. He approaches her asking for help. She hands him a plate of local Norcina cold cuts to wash down with a glass of Varramista wine. Paolo closes his eyes. Tastes. Now he is home. He is in Montopoli. Everything is easier. Everything is more beautiful. He starts his show.