Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

around you

Reggello A land that’s always beginning and never ending

From the val dell’Arno up, reaching the Vallombrosa mountain, through prehistoric and olive-covered hills

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Buonconvento A hospitable land with a taste of memory

“After passing Siena and having crossed the ponte d’Arbia, I find her, a land of light that remains close to me ...” (M. Luzi) ~ by Mita Feri

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Vinci The origin of genius

The land where the present already has a future. Forever.

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Subbiano Between the banks of the Arno and the Casentino

Castles, legends and a rich history

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Sovicille Ponte della Pia (Pia’s Bridge)

Suspended between past and future

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Castiglion Fiorentino

Castiglion Fiorentino With the smile of a Saint

When we were alive / we roamed the olive trees / now that we’re dead / we walk these orchards

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo The ghost of Nencia

Gigliola and Count Pannocchieschi ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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Quarrata Couches, filet lace and the magic pitcher

Memories and ancient trades: the history and character of a remote and diverse territory ~ by Antonietta Catapano

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Ortignano Raggiolo

Ortignano Raggiolo Of fairy tales and myths

Between streams, stone cottages and the scent of chestnuts ~ by Giovanni Guidelli

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Chiesina Uzzanese

Chiesina Uzzanese Work, armies and pilgrims

A journey down the trails of travelers and of Hannibal himself

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Roccastrada Stone, forests, medieval history, bandits, miners and good food

A colorful and quiet place where the memory of miners lives on

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Pienza The ideal city

"Born from a loving thought and a dream of beauty"

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Capraia e Limite

Capraia e Limite A nautical home, forever embraced by its river

Arno, boat building and scenery: from Etruscan and Roman times to now

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Montopoli in Val d'Arno

Montopoli in Val d'Arno A day with Paolo Ciampini

Defined by Boccaccio as "Castello Insigne", Montopoli counts among its residents one of the greatest etchers in the world

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Montelupo Fiorentino

Montelupo Fiorentino Roads between heaven and rivers

A town in front and in between ~ by Andrea Bellucci

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Castelnuovo Berardenga

Castelnuovo Berardenga An Open-Air Museum

In the most beautiful part of Tuscany, between the Crete Senesi and the Chianti

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Poppi POPPI 1904

...and two eccentric ‘expats’

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Castiglion Fibocchi

Castiglion Fibocchi The Sons of Bocco

The history of a castle, an ancient carnival and a mad town

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Rufina The villa of wine: tradition, myth and legend

Discovering Villa Poggio Reale

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Torrita di Siena

Torrita di Siena The taste of history and legend

Next to the fire, storytelling reverberates on the flames in an infinite array of reflections and is highlighted in the amber drops of Vin Santo

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Monsummano Terme

Monsummano Terme The eighth wonder of the world

Discover healing waters and miraculous events

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Monteroni d'Arbia

Monteroni d'Arbia Remember me

Through a series of ephemeral clues, a delicate soul of the Divine Comedy gets connected to a secret spot

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Terranuova Bracciolini

Terranuova Bracciolini Terra Nuova: the places of Leonardo and a slow life

An area that fascinated Da Vinci and which continues to win people over with its food, wine, culture and nature

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Carmignano A harmony of colours in the heart of Tuscany

A territory rich with stories to recount

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Montieri The flower-shaped church on the silver hill

A wild land with a glorious history and a present with a green future

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Monteriggioni Ava and her maidens

Today people in Montemaggio continue to pass down legends of the seven maidens of Ava Zenovi dei Lombardi - by Roberta Burroni

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Peccioli The Valdera terrace at a step away from the sky

The lines of grapevines, olive and cypress tress, crags of tuff. A village that dominates the golden and emerald valley ~ by Matilde Cirini

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Asciano Village of courtesy and truffles

Along the Via Laurentana, among landscapes of dreams, art, and taste

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Bucine A welcoming land of magic and history

Into the heart of Tuscany to discover the Valdambra

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Loro Ciuffenna

Loro Ciuffenna A river and a doe in the thick of the woods

An encounter with Artume, in search of etymology

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Poggibonsi A journey into the times of Charlemagne

Experience the Middle Ages in Valdelsa, among fortresses, villages and magic fountains

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Sesto Fiorentino

Sesto Fiorentino A small world nearby

A Florentine reflects on his origins ~ by Simone Lisi

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San Casciano in Val di Pesa

San Casciano in Val di Pesa The prince’s home

Literature, nature and idleness with Machiavelli

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Monticiano Monticiano, between the Farma and Merse rivers

Towns hidden within forests and riverfronts, in a land of biodiversity

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Calenzano Roots and wings

Between castles and parish churches, medieval times and the future - by Emiliano Gucci

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Larciano Worth a good 10000 gold florins

Breathtaking views from a privileged standpoint

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Dicomano Between the Mugello and the Val di Sieve

A thoroughfare and a trading post since time immemorial

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Marciano della Chiana

Marciano della Chiana How history was made on 2 August 1554

The Medici era reached new heights on the battlefield

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Fucecchio Reflections of the via Francigena in the water

Discovering one of Italy’s most beautiful wetlands, at the intersection of centuries-old roads

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Foiano della Chiana

Foiano della Chiana A Jewel of the Etruscan Order

All made more precious by the work of the Della Robbia

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Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti From Etruscans to the Black Rooster in a “neighbouring paradise"

Centuries-old land in harmony between civilisation and nature

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Certaldo “Taking pleasure” where time stands still

With Boccaccio to discover the magical old town, sweet onion, good living, culture and theatre

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Pelago More wine for all of us up here

A local loon, an odd correspondence and a few reflections on a magnificent but declining land ~ by Daniele Pasquini

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Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina

Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina A village in the clouds

...Just stone, wind and sky

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Pieve a Nievole

Pieve a Nievole A land of bats and noble inhabitants

Amid the scent of nature and picturesque views, hear shrill calls in the distance

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Gaiole in Chianti

Gaiole in Chianti In the best of places

Chianti and L’Eroica in the “most livable place in the world”

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Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme Tin and Thalna, two Etruscan canopic jars

Follow the nymph in the town of healing waters

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San Miniato

San Miniato Tuscan in every way

Wandering through an unblemished landscape, drinking in the sights and smells

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Figline e Incisa Valdarno

Figline e Incisa Valdarno A villa with a ghost – or two

Veronica Cybo’s story, revisited by the writer Andrea Campucci

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Pontassieve Traces of nobility between the Arno and Sieve

The out of town destination for Florentine families following in the footsteps of Dante and Beatrice, the Medici and the Pazzi

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Lamporecchio A charming testimony to local identity

From a special treat to the "Punto di Lamporecchio"

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Bibbiena The capital of Casentino

History of the rebel town that vowed to follow the Medici to the end

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Impruneta The fire of Impruneta

From raw earth to the World’s Dome, without forgetting to dress it well ~ by Marco Vichi

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Siena Scenes of a possible Utopia

The “Good Government” frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. A simbiotic link between city and countryside, an ethnic and aesthetic model of civilization

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Prato Connected by a “Cintola”

Bernardo Daddi’s “Assumption” and the identity of a city

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Poggio a Caiano

Poggio a Caiano The outdoor Renaissance

The Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano and the humanistic dreams of Lorenzo the Magnificent ~ by Lorenzo Chiodi

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Casole d'Elsa

Casole d'Elsa Artists of the past

From sacred images to peasant scenes, an artistic trip to discover paintings found nowhere else in the world

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Empoli Stories of love, musicians, painters and glassmakers

"O, study with dedication and be men or take flight in Empoli for Corpus Domini"

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San Giovanni Valdarno

San Giovanni Valdarno The midfielder's secret

Returning to San Giovanni Valdarno and reminders of Masolino, Andreotti and Ciccio Baiano ~ by Gabriele Merlini

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Civitella in Val di Chiana

Civitella in Val di Chiana Deliverance from a difficult history through art

The story of a castle stone, stronger than war and centuries

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Chiusdino The abbey

A sky like a ceiling ~ by Giulio Pedani

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Fiesole Between stones and the sky

High on the hill, a place "that still keeps with the stones and rocks"

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Monte San Savino

Monte San Savino The land of the Pallone col Bracciale champions

The historic game involving an oak wood cuff and a hand-stitched leather ball is much-loved by the people of Monte San Savino

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Santa Croce sull'Arno

Santa Croce sull'Arno A carnival styled by hand

Among craftsmanship and art

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Lucignano A place with an aura all its own

A soulful journey through time, spanning art, legend and faith

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Campi Bisenzio

Campi Bisenzio Stories of fortresses and castles

The ill-fated banquet that initiated the feud between the Guelph and the Ghibelline families

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San Gimignano

San Gimignano Studded with towers in a sea of hills

A UNESCO-listed Old Town crossed by the Via Francigena. Stone towers that remind an ancient and yet also boldly contemporary history

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Colle di Val d'Elsa

Colle di Val d'Elsa The heroic endeavours

Between 1200 and 1300 were fundamental years in the history of this city. Today, it proudly celebrates its past

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Lastra a Signa

Lastra a Signa A voice more beautiful than silence

Marvels in Bellosguardo ⁓ by Cesare Baccetti

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Montaione The treasures (and secrets) of the old forest

Travel into the woods of Camporena, where you’ll find yourself again, plus artistic treasures and natural prodigies in a pristine mass of nature.

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Monteverdi Marittimo

Monteverdi Marittimo Losing yourself among the monasteries and orchids

From the sun-kissed coast to the inland heat through Mediterranean woods

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Capolona Where the Arno "turns up its nose"

The close relationship between the river and (even the) living – in the words of Simona Baldanzi

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Sinalunga The battle of Valdichiana 7 centuries later

An exciting journey in unique countryside among villages and castles surrounded by art history and gastronomy

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Trequanda Between mysticism and popular culture

Discovering a municipality that’s rich in tradition and ancient stories and very attached to its soil

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Montemignaio Hidden land of the Casentino

The story of a mysterious wayfarer, a silent bell and the symbol of Christmas

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Londa Sweet as a peach

Can a forgotten fruit change the history of a town?

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Montecatini Val di Cecina

Montecatini Val di Cecina Domine, Quo Vadis?

A journey through legendary stones and neverending mines

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Rapolano Terme

Rapolano Terme In the heart of the land between waters and stones

In the middle of the beautiful Crete Senesi, halfway between Chianti and Val di Chiana. Land that is unparalleled, rough and strong like the elements

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Santa Maria a Monte

Santa Maria a Monte The myth of the bird in the piazza

A sudden departure. Strong will. An unexpected flight in pursuit of happiness.

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Palaia In Palaia there is a forest, in that forest there is a Temple

The history and legend of a temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva Medica, between romantic poets and Risorgimento fervour

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Radda in Chianti

Radda in Chianti Where the scenery becomes a home for your soul

A place of stone and wine

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Signa The gold of Signa

A land shaped by water where the past speaks of miracles, castles under siege and straw woven into hats ~ by Barbara Raugei

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Montespertoli Soft hills shaped by expert hands

Land of wine and castles, art and music, oil and wheat, tradition and innovation

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Montevarchi A mixed blessing

When being "the other one" makes you one-of-a-kind

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Castiglione d'Orcia

Castiglione d'Orcia A walk back in myth, legend and history

Noble families in and around Castiglione d’Orcia

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Cerreto Guidi

Cerreto Guidi Medicean land

In the heart of Tuscany, discovering an ancient village rich in charm and history

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Murlo The Etruscan infinite

Everything changes; everything remains the same

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Chitignano Cigars and guns in the Casentino: a Tuscan take on the Far West

Few know that Tuscany is home to a town of smugglers to make El Paso shake in its boots

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Castel Focognano

Castel Focognano A Parish church and a "timeless" prosciutto

A tale of a normal trip with an extraordinary stop ~ by Anna Maria Vignali

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Cavriglia Valdarno, at the gates of the Chianti

Where ties to the territory are strong

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Pomarance A treasure in the warm heart of Tuscany

3,000 years of history in a territory that’s still wild, heated by geothermal energy and by its people

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Scandicci A promise kept

Traveling on the tram of memories ~ by Simona Bellocci

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Laterina e Pergine Valdarno

Laterina e Pergine Valdarno A thousand-old village

Culture and tradition amid farming and industrial memories

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Ponte Buggianese

Ponte Buggianese A history spanning water, earth and the infinite

I would stick my fingers in the water dreamily, navigating my way through the marsh...

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Castelfiorentino From New York to Castelfiorentino: rediscovering one's roots

An art-filled, emotionally meaningful trip in the heart of Tuscany

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Volterra Volterra Volaterrae Velathri

Born from the sea, it nestles among white hills, in the evening it turns into the colour of fire, at night it flies into the sky

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Rignano sull'Arno

Rignano sull'Arno A history-rich territory

The oldest churches in Tuscany, the mystery of a sixteenth-century fresco, and a bridge of disputed origins

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Firenze The first

Agata Smeralda and the people who took her in when still in swaddling blankets - by Federico di Vita

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San Quirico d'Orcia

San Quirico d'Orcia A Searching for a fiefdom... dreaming of becoming Pope

Cardinal Flavio Chigi speaks of San Quirico d’Orcia

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Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti A grandmother, a granddaughter and the joys of a simple life

Following the sparrows; weddings in Montefioralle; a river of robust Chianti and bundles of field flowers – by Costanza Baldini

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Uzzano Land of famous inspiration

A journey into “fields of olives” and art

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Castelfranco Piandiscò

Castelfranco Piandiscò Rhymes by an anonymous traveler

A magical land in the verses of an unknown poet

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Castel San Niccolò

Castel San Niccolò On the slopes of Pratomagno

A town of old stone houses, home to stories and legends among the green woodland of Casentino

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Castelfranco di Sotto

Castelfranco di Sotto The town of good luck

Ancient walls and a nature reserve along the Via Francigena

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Bagno a Ripoli

Bagno a Ripoli The legend of the Fata Morgana

A German wayfarer comes across Giambologna’s evocative Nymphaeum during his Grand Tour, where he happens upon a curious situation

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Buggiano Between secret gardens and heritage in plain sight

Discover secret gardens and a sumptuous villa

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Montepulciano Art, culture, and a tradition of fine living

In other words? The highest quality of life, experienced through music, colors, wisdom and tastes

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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima A Masterpiece in the Tuscan Maremma

Journey to discover a unique square

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Lajatico Town of artists

The Teatro del Silenzio established by tenor Andrea Bocelli turned the spotlight on some of the most picturesque countryside near Pisa

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Barberino Tavarnelle

Barberino Tavarnelle History is made on the roads

The fate of communities was decided in the shadows of Vallombrosa Monastery, at the crossroads of major trading roads between Siena and Florence

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Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme A kind of suspended wonder

From the Grand Duke Leopold to Miro, Giuseppe Verdi and Sirio Maccioni: traces of history and the future in Montecatini Terme

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Radicondoli In the “buen ritiro” where time stands still

Medieval streets and theatre legends: beauty blends with a taste for life

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Pratovecchio Stia

Pratovecchio Stia As steadfast as a Casentino curl

The centuries-old history of a land long dedicated to woolwork

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Arezzo The legend of the enamoured bandit

The story of Federigo Bobini, known as Gnicche the Arezzo Bandit ~ by Anna Martini

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Montalcino A young lad of the land and stones

Vines round one’s neck and an oak belt at the waist ~ by Alessandro Schwed

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Firenze The vibrant city

Explore, join, dive right in ~ by Dario Nardella

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Barberino Tavarnelle

Barberino Tavarnelle Roots and identity

Love and union in the heart’s journey ~ by Cinzia Dugo

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Monteriggioni Queen of the Turrita Crown

The fortress dominates the beauty of its territory, preserving the memory of its past in the landscape and in the stories of its people

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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima Sin and damnation: Accesa Lake

The secret hidden in the waters near Massa Marittima

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo A calf on its knees

The Sanctuary of Frassine: history and legend ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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Talla A stroll in the village of music

Stories about the Medieval streets

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Prato Let me tell you about Prato

Journey into the future

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Laterina e Pergine Valdarno

Laterina e Pergine Valdarno A jewel in the countryside near Arezzo

Oil, wine, culture, beauty

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Gambassi Terme

Gambassi Terme Travelling for travel's sake

Spas, parish churches, hills and castles: in Gambassi, you learn not all travel stops are equal

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo Energy from the heart of the Earth

Fumacchio tells its story ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo The legend of the Boracifero Lake

where the water is never peaceful ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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