Chapter #1

A village in the mist

A small church in the countryside, barely touched by the ancient Via Cassia, which reserved Pieve a Nievole a place in history. The town owes its name to this building, the Parish Church of San Pietro a Neure, while the name Nievole has more uncertain origins. Perhaps it was the fog, in Latin, nebulae, which covers the marsh in a massive blanket in winter, or perhaps the river give birth to the names of Val di Nievole and Pieve a Nievole.

Chapter #2

Noble inhabitants

The fame of this place is linked to the Medici family. They came here for their hunting trips, stopping at the house that has become the Town Hall. But even before them, Dante Alighieri crossed this valley, awaiting the outcome of the battle between the Guelfi and Ghibellines. Even today, in Via dei Tanelli, you can cross "Dante's Bridge", once marked by the footsteps of the Supreme Poet.

Chapter #3


Pieve a Nievole, pipistrello
Pieve a Nievole, pipistrelli
Pieve a Nievole, pipistrelli
Pieve a Nievole, pipistrelli

Poggio alla Guardia is the perfect place for nature lovers thanks to its country roads, the scent of nature and panoramic views of the surrounding municipalities, especially during summer. Even at night, this area shows its peculiarities. Numerous harmless bats inhabit the night sky, reminding us occasionally of their presence with their typical shrill cry.

Pieve a Nievole extends into the Tuscany “From Leonardo to Pinocchio”, that is, from the hills of Vinci and Montalbano to the steep slopes of Collodi. A land that “is a sort of suspended wonder”.