Chapter #1

The refreshing magnitude of the present

Design Campus UNIFIPhoto by: Stefano Vignozzi
Palazzo del Municipio, piazza Vittorio VenetoPhoto by: Flavio Gori
Civica Biblioteca di CalenzanoPhoto by: Franco Fusini
Chiesa di Maria Santissima Madre di DioPhoto by: Franco Fusini

He met her at the bus depot; she hadn’t aged a bit. Her eyes were lit up and she was wearing one of her hats. They exchanged a hug, a few nervous words; they were excited, but as they moved through Calenzano she spoke to him about herself, her travels. He talked about the new city hall and the newly restored square, the beautiful library, the university, the recently formed church. Everything had grown, but nothing really dominated the town, and they found it refreshing. “It’s the same sky I stood under as a teenager,” he said, while she looked on beyond the town, where it bent toward the hills.

Chapter #2

The castle, the stones and the parish churches. And a voice

Borgo medievale Calenzano AltoPhoto by: Paola Curradi
La portaccia - Borgo medievale Calenzano Alto
Giardino del Castello di Calenzano Alto
Chiesa di San Donato Photo by: Paola Curradi
Chiostro della chiesa di San DonatoPhoto by: Paola Curradi

They kept moving upwards because Calenzano’s essence is its churches, each stone and each tree encountered along the way. The stillness brought them peace: the towers of the castle of San Niccolò, the cobblestones massaging their feet, the bare façade of the church, the Figurino Storico museum, and the pleasure of getting lost in medieval times. On the little hill in front the San Donato church stands tall, with its Medicean cloister, its bell tower and cypress trees all around.

“You can hear the voice of Don Milani” she said, and he was surprised to know about the seven years that Lorenzo spent there, as chaplain for the final few - overseeing both the people’s school and pastoral experiences.

Chapter #3

Countrysides, villas, farms, dreams. Maybe on a bike

TravallePhoto by: Paola Curradi
Pieve di San Severo a LegriPhoto by: Aldo Covelli
Castello di Legri dall'alto
Lago di Cupo a Le CrociPhoto by: Giorgio Croce
Parco del NetoPhoto by: Paola Curradi

And then they let themselves take off, with just their thoughts and two bicycles, pedaling just a little bit before turning into the green area of Travalle, at the base of Calvana. They peered in at the Strozzi villa, its charming garden and vineyards and olive groves, then headed north for the Gioriana di Collina and beyond, up until Legri, the Romanesque church of San Severo and the Guidi castle on the slopes of Morello. “Real cyclists climb the Croci,” he said; he’d gone there to enjoy a little refresh, but instead she’d opted for the ancient Settimello. They lay on the ground of the Neto park, among lime and cypress trees. They prolonged the silence and looked each other in the eyes. Were they both thinking the same thing?

Chapter #4

True green, challenge and love

Olivi e campanile di San DonatoPhoto by: Riccardo Fiesoli
Raccolta delle olivePhoto by: Francesca Morganti
VignetoPhoto by: Barbara Papi
Fattoria di Travalle dall'alto
Fattoria di Volmiano

"Of course, with grapes and olives we do egregious things," he said. "Let yourself be pulled in by a glass of wine, by the extra virgin olive oil of these rolling hills; or by the delicate aromas of Leccino and Pendolino, or by the strong flavor of Moraiolo, or by the one enveloping Frantoio - our varieties. Be drawn in by the images, by the stories, and the hands of those who tend to each plant in each season,  following every olive with passion, with endurance through struggle, with love, until pulling off some “green gold” for a ribollita dish, or drizzling it on a simple slice of bread, because hey, we’ve got good bread, too.”
She licked her fingers.
"I could stay here for days talking to you, my friend.”
"Pour me a little more, will you?”

Chapter #5

What we protect and what we will create

He reminded her that he still didn’t understand why she was visiting.

She took off her hat and looked off into the distance. “I’ve traveled so much…One day I’m going to also have to cast anchors.”

He held her tight, moved.

“Here you already know good and well what you’ll find,” he told her.
“We’ll protect all of this and we’ll invent something new, just for you.” She smiled brightly.
She said goodbye to him through the open window, and he blew her a kiss.
“I might never see you again,” he thought. “But now Calenzano will talk of you too…of us.” 
Photo by: Aldo Covelli