Chapter #1

The mystery hidden in the waters of the lake

In the past, all those who wanted to visit Massa Marittima, as simple visitors or merchants, had to pass through Accesa Lake. However, contrary to the feelings of lightness and pleasantness that bodies of water bring, Accesa Lake caused a deep anxiety among men. Such feeling was born from the legend about the formation of the water basin itself, that is the immense natural disaster that happened many years before. It is said indeed that the cataclysm was the result of a divine retribution against the farmers, who, in order to carry out the harvesting work, refused to pay homage to Sant’Anna during her celebrations.

Chapter #2

Disobedience and arrogance: challenging the divine rule

It is said, in fact, that on the day of the disaster, the farmers, neglectful and ignorant about the festivities in honor of the saint, had first poured into the fields and then on the streets of the contrada celebrating the results of their hard work. It almost seemed as if men were challenging the deity: the rich results of the land were the fruit of their labor and not the blessing of the saint. They could have lived and grown up alone, without anyone’s help and support.

Chapter #3

The damnation and divine retribution: the formation of the Lake

The divine challenge went on for all night, until a rumble pierced the air and the earth began to shake. Everyone stopped and the cries of joy quickly became cries of terror. The earth opened rapidly and, in few moments, the entire contrada was swallowed into the depths of the earth, taking all the sinful farmers with them between desperate shouts and screams. The hole closed over the damned and, in the same place, a small lake with crystal clear water appeared. In a few moments, therefore, it went from the most desperate screams to the most absolute silence.

Chapter #4

Between ghost and transparent waters: the secret is unveiled

Even today, the Accesa Lake is one of the most silent and peaceful places in Maremma. However, only for one night, on the eve of Sant’Anna feast, it is said that this tranquility is interrupted by the screams of pain of the spirits of the victims, lost in limbo between death and damnation.