Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

Photo by: Paolo Sarteschi Pontremoli

The soul’s walkway

The emotions and thoughts of a pilgrim journeying along the via Francigena, from Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli

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The village spell

Art, history and legend in a timeless land between sea and mountains ~ by Emanuele Dettori

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Photo by: Giovanni Nannini Lucca

The city of mysteries

From the Sacred to the Profane

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In the name of Tau

A journey to the land where all departures begin

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Photo by: Silvio Cavini-Benedetti Fucecchio

Reflections of the via Francigena in the water

Discovering one of Italy’s most beautiful wetlands, at the intersection of centuries-old roads

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From New York to Castelfiorentino: rediscovering one's roots

An art-filled, emotionally meaningful trip in the heart of Tuscany

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Photo by: Martin Holland Gambassi Terme

Travelling for travel's sake

Spas, parish churches, hills and castles: in Gambassi, you learn not all travel stops are equal

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Photo by: Bernd Thaller San Gimignano

Studded with towers in a sea of hills

A UNESCO-listed Old Town crossed by the Via Francigena. Stone towers that remind an ancient and yet also boldly contemporary history

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Queen of the Turrita Crown

The fortress dominates the beauty of its territory, preserving the memory of its past in the landscape and in the stories of its people

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Photo by: Mirella Monteroni d'Arbia

Remember me

Through a series of ephemeral clues, a delicate soul of the Divine Comedy gets connected to a secret spot

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A Searching for a fiefdom... dreaming of becoming Pope

Cardinal Flavio Chigi speaks of San Quirico d’Orcia

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A walk back in myth, legend and history

Noble families in and around Castiglione d’Orcia

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A journey through the clouds

The city as seen through the eyes of painter Matilde Luchini ~ by Fausto Cecconi

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