Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

Photo by: Giovanni Nannini Lucca

The city of mysteries

From the Sacred to the Profane

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The legend of the Fata Morgana

A German wayfarer comes across Giambologna’s evocative Nymphaeum during his Grand Tour, where he happens upon a curious situation

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Photo by: Francesco Viti Sovicille

Ponte della Pia (Pia’s Bridge)

Suspended between past and future

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Stories and legends from a Lunigiana town

Wayfarers, maidens, cruel marquises and ghosts whose screams can still be heard

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A welcoming land of magic and history

Into the heart of Tuscany to discover the Valdambra

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Photo by: Greta Ferrari Fosdinovo

Four seasons and a revolution

Discovering Fosdinovo through castles, legends, ghosts and an untamed, irreverent spirit

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Photo by: Silvano Monchi Figline e Incisa Valdarno

A villa with a ghost – or two

Veronica Cybo’s story, revisited by the writer Andrea Campucci

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From sculpture to culture

A modern art museum: an unusual occurrence on the Italian museum scene

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The villa of wine: tradition, myth and legend

Discovering Villa Poggio Reale

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Medicean land

In the heart of Tuscany, discovering an ancient village rich in charm and history

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Photo by: Stefano Puzzuoli Calci

The disappearing traces

Condemned for all eternity ~ by Martina Pizzi

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Photo by: Harley Borgo a Mozzano

The master builder and the mystery wayfarer

Or, how the Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo) was built in a night ~ by Vero Almont

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