Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

Homeland of the figurine maker

Travelling the world in search of riches

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Photo by: douceurs d'etre Mulazzo

Books on their back and the world at their feet

A short history of the traveling booksellers of Montereggio

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Photo by: Graeme Maclean Barga


A journey through memories of Italy’s most Scottish city ~ Vero Almont

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Photo by: marco monetti Forte dei Marmi

A capsized gallop

Survival strategies in a stylish city ~ by Carlo Benedetti

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Photo by: Mirella Chiusdino

The abbey

A sky like a ceiling ~ by Giulio Pedani

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The midfielder's secret

Returning to San Giovanni Valdarno and reminders of Masolino, Andreotti and Ciccio Baiano ~ by Gabriele Merlini

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Everything is possible: word of an Emperor

A journey into the past among the cliffs and stones of Marciana ~ by Silvio Ciappi

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Photo by: Valerio Pagni Santa Maria a Monte

The myth of the bird in the piazza

A sudden departure. Strong will. An unexpected flight in pursuit of happiness.

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From New York to Castelfiorentino: rediscovering one's roots

An art-filled, emotionally meaningful trip in the heart of Tuscany

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Photo by: sailko Sesto Fiorentino

A small world nearby

A Florentine reflects on his origins ~ by Simone Lisi

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Photo by: Massimilianogalardi Montemurlo

A visit to a current-day town with a character from the past

A stroll with Davidde Tanini through villas, a church and a castle ~ by Francesca Bargiotti and Samanta Giardino

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