Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

Photo by: Ilaria PoggianiPortoferraio

The white beaches

The legend of the argonauts and the natural marine biological reserve

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Photo by: Alberto ChiassoniRio

A thousand-year history among nature and mines

From ancient Elbani to the “sanctuary” of biodiversity, to the “champion” Coppi Fountain

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Photo by: R. RidiCapoliveri

Capoliveri Stories

Characters, places, and legends of today ~ by Angela Galli

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Everything is possible: word of an Emperor

A journey into the past among the cliffs and stones of Marciana ~ by Silvio Ciappi

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Photo by: mariejirousekMarciana Marina

The beauty of the seafront… from tower to tower

Discovering Elba’s “Little Marseille” through the eyes of an architect ~ Prof. Giuseppe Centauro 

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The echo of a 400-year history

From the Spanish Crown to Napoleon’s exile ~ by Fabrizio Grazioso

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Photo by: VisitElba ITRio

An “incredible town” where the streets shine

My village is there, on the sea, just like in the old oleographs. Homes here seem to begrudge the passage of time (Luigi Berti)

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