Chapter #1

Francesco di Bartolo tells us...

La Divina Commedia
Francesco di Bartolo da Buti

Francesco di Bartolo! Let me introduce myself.

I commented on Dante's Comedy.

Remember? I was considered a prodigy.


And Buti, where I was born

not letting me be forgotten pays tribute

naming its beautiful theater after me.


A theatre where with true courage

great actors are invited

Straub, Servillo have passed through here.


Dario Marconcini made us rejoice

director of a notable theatre

Nobel and Golden Lions won.


I extend to you my gentle hand

and lead you to Buti, my paradise

yours will not be a trip in vain.

Chapter #2

The echo of “Maggio Butese" pervades the valley

Maggio storico
Teatro di Buti
Teatro di Buti

A village surrounded by olive trees

to guide us towards tradition

with this verse you will awaken

what makes you feel alive: your passion.

Buti’s oil is sought by all

its fame is its cuisine

its culture highborn

and so our path starts with "Maggio"


From farmer's realm to pageboy

this song a dirge of octosyllables

a song that with strength and courage

navigates even in the midst of the great seas.

For the children of Buti it’s a mirage

they listen even when they are toothless.

As far as Cape Verde it arrived

our "Maggio" appreciated by all.

Chapter #3

The Palio and its Districts

Winter is deep upon us

and Buti gives life to a big festival.

It’s the palio that rules

seven districts with deft minds.

Have planned for a million hours

the horse and rider that will go head to head

throughout Italy horseracing is beloved

in Buti it’s been since the dawn of time.


Tripe is served in good time

The food of knights of the past

the lady will also be present

at the table that has been prepared since dawn.

Every district will taste

the dream for which they worked

all the people of the district

to be the first to reach the end of the road.

Chapter #4

Oil, traditional fare and hospitality… this is Buti


Look at the beauty of creation

You can see it well in these groves.

Your eye will be reassured.

By a beauty that is what it is.

The Pisan mountain is mentioned

A view that sends us back to quiet times

These were times where the person mattered

Times where the water was still good.


There, if nature behaves herself,

Is oil that is from heaven.

There is the best water in the area

Not only to wash your face.

Here nature is the true matron,

Many are the agritourisms,

Buti is down there, look at the splendour

This frame will leave you speechless.


Poem by Enrico Pelosini