Chapter #1

The blessed Bonizzella

Panorama a Trequanda
Trequanda, pieve

Bonizzella Cacciaconti, born around 1230, is an important figure in Trequanda. Several miracles are attributed to her both while she was living and after her death. Her body was found on May 6, 1500, when from the window of the City Council, two councillors saw swarm of bees coming and leaving from a hole in the side of the Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Andrea. They removed the stones and discovered the perfectly preserved body of Blessed Bonizzella, who smelled strongly of incense. Many miracles have been linked to the Blessed. A recurring theme the blinding of bad people, who receive their sight after repentance. The urn of the Blessed is also a symbol of local faith. To this day, celebrations are held in her honour from May 6, which include the exceptional opening of the urn.

Chapter #2

Petroio and the Museo della Terracotta

La terracotta di Trequanda

But just as in the story, the Blessed Bonizzella remained hidden for centuries among the stones of the church, the people of Petriolo sheltered and preserved their own little darling of history. In 2001, strongly supported by the villagers, a museum was opened: a real bridge between the past and present that jealously guards a craft used in everyday life and capturing the changes that artisans and local products have undergone over the centuries. The museum houses “La Piccola Toscana” by Rodolfo, a teacher in Petriolo who depicted Tuscany’s many towns in terracotta: Montepulciano, Pienza, Sinalunga, San Gimignano and, of course, Petroio with its spiral shape. The museum also has an educational workshop where you can make your own clay artworks, working with moulds and baking your creations.

Chapter #3

Trequanda’s green gold, an excellent local product

The lands of Trequanda produce more than just clay. Our extra virgin olive oil in fact – made since the time of the Etruscans - is a source of excellence in the local gastronomy. The tufa rock soil, altitude and cold winter climate are the ideal habitat for olive trees, protecting them from pests. The olive harvest, in October and November, is a time of celebration and sharing throughout the municipality. Trequanda promotes and adheres to the National Association “Città dell’olio”. In the penultimate weekend of October, the town hosts the Festa dell’olio novo di podere, during which you can taste oil and participate in the entire oil production cycle: harvesting, crushing and cold pressing.