Chapter #1

The charm of Sorano

Masso Leopoldino- Sorano
Terme di Sorano

Sorano appears torn from the canvas of an artist who has painted all the shades of nature with great skill. The blue of the sky, the ochre of the tufa rock on the roofs of the houses, all the way to the green valley that mingles with them in lovely union. In the narrow streets, you can feel the simple intimacy of times past, while the Fortezza Orsini stands as a majestic guard over the sleepy town, a silent witness to the passing of time.

Chapter #2

A journey shrouded in mystery

Via Cava di San Rocco- Sorano
Via Cava di San Sebastiano- Sovana
"La Chiesaccia"- Vitozza
Abitazioni Rupestri- Vitozza

Down the valley and through the Porta dei Merli and we are immersed in a wild nature. On the left, is the River Lente, while all around you is an almost surreal landscape, a fairy tale. We are in the Vie Cave, roads carved into the tufa rock with walls up to 20 metres tall that travel between dark and light as we search for ourselves. Going up river, we reach an enchanted place where time stands still... old bridges, castles, churches and more than 200 caves surrounded by unspoilt nature: welcome to Vitozza, the lost city. You can still feel the life of its rural civilisation, whose origins are lost in the mists of time...

Chapter #3

Sovana: the pearl of Etruria

Piazza del Pretorio- Sovana
Tomba Ildebranda- Sovana
Borgo di Sovana

Sovana is a gem set among the tufa rock gorges. When arriving from Sorano, you can see the outline of the Rocca Aldobrandeschi, a warning that Sovana will immediately captivate you and convince to you stay for forever. The birthplace of Pope Gregory VII (Ildebrando da Soana), this charming village is not only a medieval gem but was also a great protagonist of the Etruscan age. Witness the beautiful monumental tombs in the archaeological area just outside the village. Here you can touch the work and ingenuity of the ancient masters.

Chapter #4

A great natural and cultural heritage

Crete Sangiovannesi
"La Roccaccia" di Montevitozzo
Rocca di Castell'Ottieri

Scattered in the vast territory of Sorano are many perfectly preserved medieval villages, for example Montorio with its priceless monuments and churches, as well as places that witnessed the political and cultural ferment of central Italy in the Middle Ages, like Castell'Ottieri, which relives its former glory with an annual festival in August. Sorano also has a vast natural heritage. Take the time to climb to the Roccaccia di Montevitozzo. The landscape will delight. While going down valley, the scene that opens before your eyes is fascinating, but also bittersweet, defined by barren ravines alternating with luxuriant vegetation. You are in the Crete Sangiovannese and won’t be able to resist the temptation to take some beautiful photos.

Chapter #5

Sweet treats


To us, eating is also an art... not to mention drinking! You can’t visit this magnificent area and not experience its flavours. Great cold cuts and excellent cheeses (multiple award winners at important international events) will delight you. Accompany them with a glass of good Rosso Sovana DOC. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never want to leave...