Chapter #1

Where a stone dream appears and reveals reality

 Revealed by a wave, like a hard rock
As if it were taking a bite out of heaven
From the east a dark mountain appears 

But if you end up there and avoid the veil
Of the light, salty clouds
Like a theatre where a cloth falls to the ground

Then alabaster colors will appear
Violet, golds, greens, ocean blues
Held together by a divine ribbon 

And if you just move a little bit closer
Those scents, that heavenly quilt
Of myrtle, lentiscus and rosemary

Will stop you in your tracks and you won’t go elsewhere
Because you’ll have already arrived at that summit
Where beauty is apparent in every angle.

Chapter #2

When you understand that this is the place you’re looking for

 Beauty mimics sadness
Dancing with force kicks the agony away
Leaving you free to embrace the air there 

Lights and winds fill up the space
Voices of seagulls and courageous flights
Do something that makes your soul feel sated 

You close your eyes and imagine myths
Monsters, heroes, ancient explorers
With voices, shouts, never-before-heard sounds 

Lost in your thoughts, tons of threads come together
And they slip and suddenly obscure your present
Yet with lightness - somehow they don’t exhaust you 

But a force comes over you seductively
And seems to say to you: “You’ve arrived”
In the place where both everything and nothing begin

First 10 tercets of the poem Capraia in Canto by Silvano Panichi

Photo by: Fabio Guidi