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Londa Sweet as a peach

Can a forgotten fruit change the history of a town?

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Rignano sull'Arno

Rignano sull'Arno A history-rich territory

The oldest churches in Tuscany, the mystery of a sixteenth-century fresco, and a bridge of disputed origins

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Scarperia e San Piero

Scarperia e San Piero Medicean country in the Apennines

On a day like any other, June 28, 1569

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Impruneta The fire of Impruneta

From raw earth to the World’s Dome, without forgetting to dress it well ~ by Marco Vichi

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Vaglia Alchemy and magic in Medici times

Myths and Symbols in the Parco di Pratolino, on a journey with Francesco I de' Medici

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Sesto Fiorentino

Sesto Fiorentino A small world nearby

A Florentine reflects on his origins ~ by Simone Lisi

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Bagno a Ripoli

Bagno a Ripoli The legend of the Fata Morgana

A German wayfarer comes across Giambologna’s evocative Nymphaeum during his Grand Tour, where he happens upon a curious situation

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Pelago More wine for all of us up here

A local loon, an odd correspondence and a few reflections on a magnificent but declining land ~ by Daniele Pasquini

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Campi Bisenzio

Campi Bisenzio Stories of fortresses and castles

The ill-fated banquet that initiated the feud between the Guelph and the Ghibelline families

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Rufina The villa of wine: tradition, myth and legend

Discovering Villa Poggio Reale

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Calenzano Roots and wings

Between castles and parish churches, medieval times and the future - by Emiliano Gucci

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Vicchio In Vicchio, not by chance

The scenery of the art history books

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Vaiano Water, wind and fuller’s earth

Artisan and proto-industry activity in Vaiano and in the Val di Bisenzio

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Barberino di Mugello

Barberino di Mugello Barberino, the beautiful Mugello gateway

Walking on the shores of Lake Bilancino and the surprising trails into the Mugello

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Firenze The first

Agata Smeralda and the people who took her in when still in swaddling blankets - by Federico di Vita

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Borgo San Lorenzo

Borgo San Lorenzo Once upon a time and once again

Discovering an Art Nouveau village suspended between the Sieve and the Apennines

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Lastra a Signa

Lastra a Signa A voice more beautiful than silence

Marvels in Bellosguardo ⁓ by Cesare Baccetti

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Dicomano Between the Mugello and the Val di Sieve

A thoroughfare and a trading post since time immemorial

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Signa The gold of Signa

A land shaped by water where the past speaks of miracles, castles under siege and straw woven into hats ~ by Barbara Raugei

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Prato Connected by a “Cintola”

Bernardo Daddi’s “Assumption” and the identity of a city

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Pontassieve Traces of nobility between the Arno and Sieve

The out of town destination for Florentine families following in the footsteps of Dante and Beatrice, the Medici and the Pazzi

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Fiesole Between stones and the sky

High on the hill, a place "that still keeps with the stones and rocks"

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Scandicci A promise kept

Traveling on the tram of memories ~ by Simona Bellocci

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Firenze The vibrant city

Explore, join, dive right in ~ by Dario Nardella

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Prato Let me tell you about Prato

Journey into the future

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