Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

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Impruneta The fire of Impruneta

From raw earth to the World’s Dome, without forgetting to dress it well ~ by Marco Vichi

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Fiesole Between stones and the sky

High on the hill, a place "that still keeps with the stones and rocks"

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Firenze The first

Agata Smeralda and the people who took her in when still in swaddling blankets - by Federico di Vita

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Bagno a Ripoli

Bagno a Ripoli The legend of the Fata Morgana

A German wayfarer comes across Giambologna’s evocative Nymphaeum during his Grand Tour, where he happens upon a curious situation

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Scandicci A promise kept

Traveling on the tram of memories ~ by Simona Bellocci

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Sesto Fiorentino

Sesto Fiorentino A small world nearby

A Florentine reflects on his origins ~ by Simone Lisi

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Calenzano Roots and wings

Between castles and parish churches, medieval times and the future - by Emiliano Gucci

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Campi Bisenzio

Campi Bisenzio Stories of fortresses and castles

The ill-fated banquet that initiated the feud between the Guelph and the Ghibelline families

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Firenze The vibrant city

Explore, join, dive right in ~ by Dario Nardella

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