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San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo The Sailor’s Story

Standing 7 metres tall, “The Sailor” is a bronze sculpture that overlooks the sea from the San Vincenzo harbour ~ by Giampaolo Talani

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo The ghost of Nencia

Gigliola and Count Pannocchieschi ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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Montieri The flower-shaped church on the silver hill

A wild land with a glorious history and a present with a green future

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Castagneto Carducci

Castagneto Carducci A land of poetry

The streets of a medieval village between poems and perfumes

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Scarlino Down but not out

A Garibaldi tour in Scarlino

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Riparbella On a tuff rock ridge

The whiteness of the lands from the hills to the sea

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Montescudaio The city of good things

Bread, wine and oil along the Via dei Pellegrini

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Montecatini Val di Cecina

Montecatini Val di Cecina Domine, Quo Vadis?

A journey through legendary stones and neverending mines

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Follonica Between the Maremma coastline and the old iron road

They call it the Pearl of the Gulf because of the magical beaches. But the old foundry runs in the veins too

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Casole d'Elsa

Casole d'Elsa Artists of the past

From sacred images to peasant scenes, an artistic trip to discover paintings found nowhere else in the world

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Sassetta A true nest for birds of prey

Red: of marble, blood and desire ⁓ by Irene Vanni

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Rosignano Marittimo

Rosignano Marittimo Life is a film

Castiglioncello: a place for the soul

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Radicondoli In the “buen ritiro” where time stands still

Medieval streets and theatre legends: beauty blends with a taste for life

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Casale Marittimo

Casale Marittimo Houses along a slope

Water and wind have made the fortune of this village that writers and travellers love

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Bibbona Bibbona's American twin and the enigmatic Templar Knights

From California, a small town along the Aurelia, to the medieval village of Bibbona

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Gavorrano Among the ruins of the castle where Pia de’ Tolomei despaired

The story of the noblewoman from Siena killed by her husband still resonates today

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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima A Masterpiece in the Tuscan Maremma

Journey to discover a unique square

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Guardistallo Little Paris

Villas and theaters guarding the Tuscan countryside

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Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima A world of colours, from the sky to the depths of the earth

Soft valleys and hills, with their steaming, inviting waters, are home to treasures that would make the most powerful rulers jealous

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Suvereto From the dream of a wandering knight, a town is born

Wine, oil, ancient grains: smells and tastes of a past whose roots are weaved through history

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Cecina Where the air is sweeter

Dunes protect the fields and everyone remembers the "factory"

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Monteverdi Marittimo

Monteverdi Marittimo Losing yourself among the monasteries and orchids

From the sun-kissed coast to the inland heat through Mediterranean woods

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Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina

Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina A village in the clouds

...Just stone, wind and sky

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Castellina Marittima

Castellina Marittima The Alabaster City

Slopes in which the Etruscans were the first to put their faith

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Piombino From Florence to Piombino, discovering Venus

Stories of women, love and destiny woven between the ship-like prow of Piazza Bovio and the blue sea

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Volterra Volterra Volaterrae Velathri

Born from the sea, it nestles among white hills, in the evening it turns into the colour of fire, at night it flies into the sky

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Pomarance A treasure in the warm heart of Tuscany

3,000 years of history in a territory that’s still wild, heated by geothermal energy and by its people

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Piombino A story from the sea: the silver amphora of Baratti

The shipwreck of the world

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo A calf on its knees

The Sanctuary of Frassine: history and legend ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo Energy from the heart of the Earth

Fumacchio tells its story ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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Monterotondo Marittimo

Monterotondo Marittimo The legend of the Boracifero Lake

where the water is never peaceful ~ by Claudio Ulivelli

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