Barberino, the beautiful Mugello gateway

Walking on the shores of Lake Bilancino and the surprising trails into the Mugello

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Photo by: Willard Metcalf, The AMICA Library Pelago

More wine for all of us up here

A local loon, an odd correspondence and a few reflections on a magnificent but declining land ~ by Daniele Pasquini

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Vecchiano in nature and Tabucchi in the world

From the mountains to the sea, passing through the river and the Park

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Lost between the Apuan Alps lies a valley with a secret

Can old Etruscan be discerned in the language spoken among the gorges of Minucciano, isolated and protected?

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Photo by: Comune di Massa Massa

Giacomo and Giosuè, a square, the oranges and the lions

When a cold Leopardi dreamt of a sojourn without a mantle, set in the orange-scented air of Massa

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Middle earth where the water has marked the course of history

Here from the hot springs, frogs, stories, castles and tasty biscuits are born

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