Where the Arno "turns up its nose"

The close relationship between the river and (even the) living – in the words of Simona Baldanzi

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That town that’s not there, submerged beneath the water

Under the artificial lake, there lies a village that re-emerges every once in a while

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Everlasting beauty

Etruscans, the Laudario codex, Saint Francis, art: from its tiniest assets to its infinitely grand ones, this city gives off light and enchantment

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Photo by: Andrea Omizzolo Marradi

From a bread tree to chestnut cake

The story of one very special sweet and the monks who brought it to this corner of the Tuscan Romagna

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The eighth wonder of the world

Discover healing waters and miraculous events

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Photo by: Paolo Sarteschi Pontremoli

The soul’s walkway

The emotions and thoughts of a pilgrim journeying along the via Francigena, from Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli

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