Photo by: Tommaso Lombardi Poggio a Caiano

The outdoor Renaissance

The Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano and the humanistic dreams of Lorenzo the Magnificent ~ by Lorenzo Chiodi

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Photo by: Michele Ambrogi Carrara

Where marble comes to life

From Michelangelo to Contemporary Art: History, Environment and Traditions of a Millenary Culture

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A treasure in the warm heart of Tuscany

3,000 years of history in a territory that’s still wild, heated by geothermal energy and by its people

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A journey into the times of Charlemagne

Experience the Middle Ages in Valdelsa, among fortresses, villages and magic fountains

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Photo by: ciocci Isola del Giglio

The legend of Saint Mamilian

From dragons to pirates: the roving patron saint’s relationship with his promised land

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Photo by: Fabio Guidi Capraia Isola

Capraia in a poem

A tribute to a rock amid the ocean ~ by Silvano Panichi

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