Bibbona's American twin and the enigmatic Templar Knights

From California, a small town along the Aurelia, to the medieval village of Bibbona

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Photo by: Waugsberg Pitigliano

Magic and beauty in the Etruscan lands

A tufa town and a “Little Jerusalem”, evidence of great history in a wonderful place

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Remember that time when Pontedera…

In 1994, Arrigo Sacchi’s national team had a rough surprise in Coverciano…

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Photo by: Piccardo Monteriggioni

Ava and her maidens

Today people in Montemaggio continue to pass down legends of the seven maidens of Countess Ava Zenovi dei Lombardi - by Roberta Burroni

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Lost between the Apuan Alps lies a valley with a secret

Can old Etruscan be discerned in the language spoken among the gorges of Minucciano, isolated and protected?

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The gold of Signa

A land shaped by water where the past speaks of miracles, castles under siege and straw woven into hats ~ by Barbara Raugei

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