Massarosa, Giacomo Puccini

Massarosa Hanging out with Giacomo Puccini

Legends, tales and food to explore a land much loved by the Maestro ~ by Giuliano Pasini

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Montepulciano Art, culture, and a tradition of fine living

In other words? The highest quality of life, experienced through music, colors, wisdom and tastes

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Riparbella panoramaPhoto by: LigaDue

Riparbella On a tuff rock ridge

The whiteness of the lands from the hills to the sea

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San Galgano, ChiusdinoPhoto by: Mirella

Chiusdino The abbey

A sky like a ceiling ~ by Giulio Pedani

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I massi di trachite, paesaggioPhoto by: Marco Tisi

Roccastrada Stone, forests, medieval history, bandits, miners and good food

A colorful and quiet place where the memory of miners lives on

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Village of SambucaPhoto by: Daniela Niccolai

Sambuca Pistoiese “I dream of the steady, unrelenting sound of the Limentra”

A land of borders, of woods, forests and rivers, of stones and trails that tell an ancient story revealed only by walking

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