Piazza Farinata degli UbertiPhoto by: Comune di Empoli

Empoli Stories of love, musicians, painters and glassmakers

"O, study with dedication and be men or take flight in Empoli for Corpus Domini"

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Veduta di SeggianoPhoto by: Maksim

Seggiano The land of oil in the Amiata

Parks and museums celebrating art and nature

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Castel del Piano e la Montagna MagicaPhoto by: Daniele Badini Photo

Castel del Piano A town, a volcano, local wisdom and lore

A town touched by the cool mountain breeze and the warming sensation of the sea

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Firenzuola The land in between

Known as Terra di Mezzo (the land in between), Firenzuola has been a stopover for travellers transiting between Florence and Bologna for centuries.

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Castell'AzzaraPhoto by: Impossibile81

Castell'Azzara Truffles, mines and a great many stories

Legends and traditions from the gateway to Amiata

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PontremoliPhoto by: Paolo Sarteschi

Pontremoli The soul’s walkway

The emotions and thoughts of a pilgrim journeying along the via Francigena, from Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli

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