Palio marinaro dell'Argentario, 1993

Monte Argentario Fishermen and pirates

Every summer in Porto Santo Stefano, four fishing boats face off in the bluest Palio in existence

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La strada di casa Palazzuolo sul SenioPhoto by: ildirettore

Palazzuolo sul Senio Borderland in the heart of the Apennines

Many have passed through here over the centuries

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Monterchi seen from CiternaPhoto by: Luca Aless

Monterchi The home of Madonna del Parto, inspiring to the world over

This is where Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece is conserved, the Renaissance fresco celebrating maternity

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Pieve Santo Stefano

Pieve Santo Stefano A town erased in search of its memory

The rebirth of a town destroyed by German mines in 1944, which rises like the phoenix from the rubble of war

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MontesansavinoPhoto by: Matthias v.d. Elbe

Monte San Savino The land of the Pallone col Bracciale champions

The historic game involving an oak wood cuff and a hand-stitched leather ball is much-loved by the people of Monte San Savino

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merloPhoto by: Lorenzo Jacopo

Casciana Terme Lari The elegance of the blackbird

Matilda of Tuscany and the surprising discovery of some healing waters

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