ArcidossoPhoto by: Photo by Dario Pastorelli

Arcidosso Mysticism and spirituality in harmony with nature

A place where the anxieties of the present dissolve before the beauty of the landscape

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Villa Basilica

Villa Basilica From swords to paper

A territory tied to its cultural and technological development... from swords to paper

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Palio marinaro dell'Argentario, 1993

Monte Argentario Fishermen and pirates

Every summer in Porto Santo Stefano, four fishing boats face off in the bluest Palio in existence

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Chiesa Santi Ippolito e Cassiano

Laterina e Pergine Valdarno A thousand-old village

Culture and tradition amid farming and industrial memories

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david_michelangeloPhoto by: Lauren

Caprese Michelangelo More than Michelangelo

A grandmother, a granddaughter, a sunset and the rustling of history in an old chimney

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Torrente Farma

Civitella Paganico Middle earth where the water has marked the course of history

Here from the hot springs, frogs, stories, castles and tasty biscuits are born

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