Villa Basilica

Villa Basilica From swords to paper

A territory tied to its cultural and technological development... from swords to paper

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moonPhoto by: Joel Tonyan

Chianciano Terme Tin and Thalna, two Etruscan canopic jars

Follow the nymph in the town of healing waters

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Montieri The flower-shaped church on the silver hill

A wild land with a glorious history and a present with a green future

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Padule di FucecchioPhoto by: Silvio Cavini-Benedetti

Fucecchio Reflections of the via Francigena in the water

Discovering one of Italy’s most beautiful wetlands, at the intersection of centuries-old roads

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Giglio IslandPhoto by: ciocci

Isola del Giglio The legend of Saint Mamilian

From dragons to pirates: the roving patron saint’s relationship with his promised land

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aglianaPhoto by: Massimiliano Galardi

Agliana Born on the via Cassia

The rise and fall of Agliana is due to its importance as a trade post

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