Quarrata Couches, filet lace and the magic pitcher

Memories and ancient trades: the history and character of a remote and diverse territory ~ by Antonietta Catapano

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Gallicano, sfondo

Gallicano Monte Palodina, home to a thousand mysteries

Giant lizards, gnomes, pyramids and UFOs: trip to the Area 51 in Garfagnana

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montalcino di sorpresaPhoto by: Alessandro Schwed

Montalcino A young lad of the land and stones

Vines round one’s neck and an oak belt at the waist ~ by Alessandro Schwed

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Borgo San Lorenzo

Borgo San Lorenzo Once upon a time and once again

Discovering an Art Nouveau village suspended between the Sieve and the Apennines

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GavorranoPhoto by: Lorenzo Biagini

Gavorrano Among the ruins of the castle where Pia de’ Tolomei despaired

The story of the noblewoman from Siena killed by her husband still resonates today

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Fabbriche di Vergemoli

Fabbriche di Vergemoli Two magical trails in the Valle del Profondo Verde

Two magical trails between Eros, Thanatos and folklore to find eternal love and the legendary Volaschioite, accompanied by myths and spirituality

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