Montespertoli Soft hills shaped by expert hands

Land of wine and castles, art and music, oil and wheat, tradition and innovation

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Torrita di Siena

Torrita di Siena The taste of history and legend

Next to the fire, storytelling reverberates on the flames in an infinite array of reflections and is highlighted in the amber drops of Vin Santo

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Villa Cafaggiolo

Barberino di Mugello Barberino, the beautiful Mugello gateway

Walking on the shores of Lake Bilancino and the surprising trails into the Mugello

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Capolona Where the Arno "turns up its nose"

The close relationship between the river and (even the) living – in the words of Simona Baldanzi

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ascianoPhoto by: Luciano Francini

Asciano Village of courtesy and truffles

Along the Via Laurentana, among landscapes of dreams, art, and taste

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Teatro del Silenzio, LajaticoPhoto by: Graziella taibi

Lajatico Town of artists

The Teatro del Silenzio established by tenor Andrea Bocelli turned the spotlight on some of the most picturesque countryside near Pisa

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